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    Daniel A. Lublin is a nationally recognized workplace law expert, who envisions workplace law as a marriage between employer and employee that often leads to breakdown when one takes advantage of the other. Viewing workplace law through this lens enables Mr. Lublin to quickly identify his client’s objectives – and vigorously pursue them.

    Mr. Lublin represents both employees and employers in all workplace-related legal disputes and human rights matters – with an emphasis on litigation.

    In 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and for 2012, Mr. Lublin has been named as one of “Canada’s Top Employment Lawyers” in Carswell’s annual survey, in recognition of his contributions to workplace law and human resources publications. In 2011, he was awarded the “Precedent Setter Award” recognizing him as one of the best of the new generation of lawyers in Ontario. He frequently appears on television and radio as a commentator for workplace legal issue.

    Mr. Lublin is well known for his national newspaper columns. He has published over 400 articles since 2005. He now serves as the Globe & Mail’s workplace law columnist both in print and online and he was formerly the workplace law columnist for the Metro newspapers from 2005 to 2012, where his weekly column was published in print in Canada’s ten largest markets.

    Mr. Lublin is a courtroom lawyer. He has successfully been lead counsel on numerous reported court decisions at all levels of the Courts of Ontario including:

    Hussain v. Suzuki Canada Ltd., 2011 CarswellOnt 12251 (ON S.C.) – one of the highest ever severance awards in Canada (a 26 month severance package) given to Suzuki Canada’s longest serving employee.

    Cardenas v. Kohler Canada Co., 2009 CanLII 17976 (ON S.C.) – one of the largest group wrongful dismissal judgments in Canadian history, where Mr. Lublin successfully obtained nearly $1 million in damages for five terminated employees. The decision supports the notion that dismissed employees can proceed as a group without having to initiate a class action claim.

    Adjemian v. Brook Crompton North America, 2008 CanLII 27469 (ON S.C.), a precedent setting case at the Ontario Court of Appeal confirming that wrongful dismissal cases can and should be heard in an expedited fashion. This case has been relied upon since that time to assist employees in obtaining speedy court judgments on dismissal matters.

    Camaganacan v. St. Joseph’s Printing Ltd., 2010 ONSC 5184 (ON S.C), wherein Mr. Lublin secured a 16 month severance package for a client who had been offered only 6 months by his employer.

    Nasager v. Northern Reflections Ltd., 2011 ONSC 5872, which is an appeal court case, where Mr. Lublin successfully upheld a judge’s decision that his client should be awarded a 6 month severance package where the employer gave him only 5 weeks.

    Corporate Investigative Services v. Steele et al. 2012 ONSC 3286 (ON S.C.) – Successful defence of a summary judgment motion in a large corporate action involving two competing security companies.

    Harvey v. Shoeless Joe’s, 2011 ONSC 3242 (ON S.C.) – Successful defence of a wrongful dismissal claim from a former executive.

    Napolitano v. Friendly Times Child Care Centre, 2012 HRTO 603 – One of the few cases dismissing a human rights application from an ex-employee on a summary hearing.

    Hayes v. Peer 1 Network Inc., 2007 CanLII 65614 (ON S.C.D.C.) – wherein Mr. Lublin successfully overturned a lower court’s decision to move his client’s case to British Columbia, instead of Ontario where the client resided.

    Mr. Lublin is regularly consulted by other practitioners for assistance in employment-related matters and has been retained by employers in the United States and the United Kingdom to assist in managing the human resources implications of conducting business in Canada. Mr. Lublin is also frequently consulted by employees and executives across Canada to provide assistance with their workplace-related disputes and in the negotiation of their employment contracts and severance agreements.

    Some of Mr. Lublin’s recent news quotes and journal publications are listed below:

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    Daniel can be reached at dan@toronto-employmentlawyer.com.