Cédric Lamarche

  • Cedric LamarcheToronto employment lawyer, Cédric Lamarche, likes a challenge. Navigating the Ottawa River’s turbulent white waters as a rafting guide and overcoming the many physical and mental challenges he encountered as an infantry soldier, Cédric discovered early on that he has the ability to remain focused in difficult situations.

    Cédric’s desire for challenge, together with his keen interest in the Canadian judicial system and, more specifically, human rights, led him to pursue a career in law – a profession where he could not only face different challenges daily, but also help those in need.

    After graduating from his post-secondary studies in Criminology, where he studied human behaviour and its relationship with the legal system, Cédric attended the University of Ottawa to pursue his law degree. While at law school, Cédric was the recipient of many awards including Blake Cassels & Graydon LLP award in Corporate Finance and the McMilan Binch Mendelsohn s.r.l. award for excellence in Contracts.

    During his legal studies Cédric was among the select few who were provided with the opportunity to work for the Supreme Court of Canada. As a research assistant at the Supreme Court of Canada, he gained invaluable experience working on ground breaking legal issues. What’s more, it was his exposure to the Health Services and Support – Facilities Subsector Bargaining Association v. British Columbia case while working at the Court that gave him the aspiration to one day work in the area of employment law.

    After graduating cum laude from law school in 2007 and being called to the Bar of Ontario, Cédric worked for a national law firm in Toronto where he practiced in the areas of professional negligence and commercial litigation.

    Cédric joined Whitten & Lublin in 2010 to pursue a career in employment law and human rights law. At Whitten & Lublin, Cédric’s bilingual employment law practice is client focused. He believes in the importance of providing practical legal advice and strives to resolve his clients'problems in an efficient and expeditious manner.

    At Whitten & Lublin, Cédric provides workplace legal representation to employees and employers on a wide range of employment law issues, including employment contracts, wrongful dismissals, employment standards, workplace safety and human rights in the workplace.

    Mr. Lamarche can be reached at cedric@whittenlublin.com.

    À Whitten & Lublin, Me Lamarche exerce le litige civil exclusivement dans le domaine du droit du travail. Il offre ses services juridiques aux employés ainsi qu’aux employeurs sur tous les aspects afférents au droit du travail, notamment : les contrats d’emploi, les congédiements injustifiés, les normes d’emploi, la sécurité professionnelle, et les droits de la personne.

    Me Lamarche peut être rejoint à cedric@whittenlublin.com